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During the pandemic I was laid off from my job so I decided to start selling essential items because I was always able to find what others couldn’t. So I would go shopping for others and provide seniors with care packages to help them stay safe. I started cooking more from being home and started posting my food. People enjoyed seeing my food and started getting hungry. Work was about to start back up but my body couldn’t take the hard labor at Ford so I decided to do what I love which was cooking and work for me. One order started turning into many orders and that’s when I knew this was my time to trust God and step out on faith with putting no limit on what I could do. So from there KP Unlimited was born.


CEO/ Founder of KP Unlimited LLC

Fresh Food

All food delivered to our customers are guaranteed to stay fresh!

Tasty Food

Like Tasty food? You'll love us! KP Unlimited has the tastiest menu options around!

Affordable Pricing

Whether you meal prep or choose catering, our prices are affordable.

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